How can I save or download faxes that I've received or sent?

There are three distinct methods for saving and downloading faxes you've sent or received:

Method 1: Fax.Plus Web App
  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go to the Faxes section on your Dashboard.
  2. Under the tab for Inbox or Sent, and click on More (⋮).
  3. Click on Download.
Method 2: Email to Fax
  1. If needed, learn how to enable Email Notifications in this article here.
  2. Once this feature is enabled, you will get a copy of your sent and received files in your email automatically.
Method 3: Slack Workspace

If you are already on the Enterprise plan, you have the option to receive your faxes in your Slack Workspace. For additional information, refer to our guide here.

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