How can I change my existing fax number?

With Fax.Plus, you can change your fax number and keep the remaining days of your plan with the new number intact.

Follow these steps to change your fax number:

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  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go the Profile section on your Dashboard.
  2. Find the box for My Fax, click on Change Number.
  3. Choose the desired country as well as the area code and the number type as your new fax number.
  4. Complete the required payment, and your fax number will be changed immediately.

By following the steps above, you'll obtain a new fax number from our extensive selection of available numbers across various regions.

However, if you currently possess a fax number from another provider, you have the option to seamlessly transfer or port that number to Fax.Plus without any interruption. This process enables you to take advantage of all our features without downtime.

Note: Your number will remain yours as long as you maintain an active plan. Nevertheless, custom or golden (vanity) numbers will persist in your profile for an extra month in case you decide not to renew your plan.

For additional details on how to port your existing fax number to Fax.Plus, refer to our guide here.

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