How can I manage the storage of my faxes?

The majority of users find it preferable to store their faxes fully encrypted in Fax.Plus. This not only offers convenience and enhanced security but also grants you the ability to conduct searches within the Faxes section of the Fax.Plus account Dashboard, whether within your Inbox or Sent tab. This facilitates filtering based on notes, dates, or fax numbers from and/or to.

However, if you opt to have your faxes solely within your email and not on Fax.Plus, you can deactivate the storage of faxes on Fax.Plus.

Follow these steps below to manage the storage of your faxes on Fax.Plus:

  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go the Profile section on your Dashboard.
  2. Find the tab for General, and look for the box for My Fax. Click on Edit.
  3. The toggle switch for Store Faxes in Fax.Plus is active by default.
  4. Click on the toggle to display Inactive to have your faxes no longer stored in Fax.Plus. Toggle back to Active if you want to re-enable it.
  5. Click on Save.

    Warning: If you deactivate this storage option, faxes received during the period when the option was disabled will not be retrievable even if you later choose to re-enable the option. To ensure access to your faxes, ensure that you are receiving email notifications for them.

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