How can I further verify my recipient when requesting a signature?

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When requesting a signature through Sign.Plus, ensuring the identity of your recipient is crucial. Initially, recipients are verified via email, as the signature request link is sent directly to their email address. However, for additional security, you have several options:

  1. Passcode Verification: A secure method where the recipient must enter a pre-shared passcode to access the document.
  2. SMS Verification: This allows a verification via a code sent to the recipient's mobile phone.
  3. eIDAS Verification (Coming Soon): A robust verification method aligning with the EU's eIDAS regulation for electronic identification and trust services.

Follow these steps to use the recipient verification when requesting a signature:

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  1. Login to your Sign.Plus account, and go to the Sign or Templates section on your Dashboard. 
  2. Upload your document or use the preferred template and click on Request Signature.
  3. Once you reach the Add Recipients section of your request, provide the following information about the signer(s):
    • Add Recipient: Add the names and email addresses of your recipients who need to sign or receive a copy of your document.
    • Add Signing Step: Choose the order in which your signers will receive the document (optional).
  4. You have the Recipient Verification button to the right of the recipient details. Click on the icon Icon.png to enable verification for that specific recipient. 

    Recipient Verification .png
  5. From the dropdown menu, select Passcode, SMS or eIDAS (Coming Soon).
  6. Proceed by clicking Next to complete the signature request by following the remaining prompts. 

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