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Who can use this feature?

Available on Professional, Business and Enterprise plans.

All members

If you're conducting an in-person meeting, Sign.Plus offers a streamlined solution with our In-Person Signing feature. This option simplifies the document signing process, enabling a smooth and efficient experience for both the host and the signers.

Note: As a Sign.Plus user, you can initiate an In-Person Signing session right from your device. As the host, you must have an active Sign.Plus account, but there's no such requirement for your signers—they simply need to be present with you during the meeting.

Once you start the session, you'll guide your signers through each step, ensuring they understand what they're signing and answering any questions they may have. This approach not only facilitates a transparent and compliant signing process but also enhances the overall experience for everyone involved.

There are two main roles involved in the in-person signing process:

  • Signs in Person: This role is assigned to individuals who will physically sign the documents in the presence of the host. When creating signature requests, you can add a new role labeled “Signs in Person.” This designation allows you to identify and manage the participants who will be signing the documents during an in-person session. 
  • Host: By default, the individual sending out the signature request is considered the host. The host is responsible for initiating the signature process.

    Note: The sender (initial host) has the flexibility to designate a different individual as the host. If a different host is set, the in-person signature process must be initiated from this new host's account.

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