How can I activate QES Verification in Sign.Plus?

Who can use this feature?

Available on Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Accessible to Owners and Admins on Web App.

Activating Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) verification for your Sign.Plus account ensures a higher level of security and legal compliance for your electronic signatures. This guide will walk you through the steps to set up QES Verification on your Sign.Plus account.

  1. Access Company Info
    To begin, navigate to the Profile section, followed by the General tab of your Sign.Plus dashboard. This is accessible from the top right corner of the interface, where you see your profile icon.
  2. Edit Company Info
    You will see an Edit option next to the section title. Click on this to enter the editing mode where you can manage various settings.
  3. Manage QES Verification Settings
    In the Company Info section, find the QES Verification setting. Next to it, there will be a Manage button. Click on this button to proceed to configure who in your organization can require QES verification for signature requests.
  4. Define QES Verification Requirements

    After clicking on Manage, you will be directed to a new screen where you can specify who is allowed to require QES Verification:

    • All Members: Select this option if you want all team members to use QES verification in the signature request.
    • Only Admins: Choose this if only administrators should have the authority to request QES verification.
    • Only Selected Members: Use this option to specify individual members who can require QES verification.
    • None: Select this if you do not want anyone in your organization to use QES verification.
  5. Confirm Your Selection
    After making your selection, click Confirm to apply the settings. Be sure to click Confirm within the Company Info section to save your preference.
  6. Completion
    Once confirmed, your settings will be updated, and QES Verification will be activated as per your specified requirements. To begin using Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), you will need to purchase QES credits.

Note: The QES verification requires the signers to have their identity verified through an online verification process the first time, and verification fees will apply. Make sure all relevant team members are aware of these requirements.

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