How can I initiate in-person signing?

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Available on Professional, Business and Enterprise plans.

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If you're conducting an in-person meeting, Sign.Plus offers a streamlined solution with our In-Person Signing feature. This option simplifies the document signing process, enabling a smooth and efficient experience for both the host and the signers.

Note: As a Sign.Plus user, you can initiate an In-Person Signing session right from your device. As the host, you must have an active Sign.Plus account, but there's no such requirement for your signers—they simply need to be present with you during the meeting.

Follow these steps to initiate the in-person signing process via Web app:

  1. Log in to your Sign.Plus account, and go to the Sign section on your Dashboard.
  2. Follow the prompts to start a new Request Signature.
  3. Add Recipients:
    • In the Add Recipients section, input the names of the individuals who will be signing the document in person.

      Note: As the sender, you have the option to appoint a different individual as the host. If you assign a new host, they must initiate the in-person signing from their account.

    • Add Signing Step: If needed, set the sequence in which the signers will access the document.
    • Opt to immediately initiate an in-person signing session by selecting Start Signing.
    • Alternatively, save the request to Continue Later. After completing the signature request details:
  4. Conduct the Signing:
    • Once you click on Start Signing, you are initiating an in-person signing session for your designated signer.
    • When ready, please Confirm and give the device to the signer.
  5. The signer will need to agree to the terms of service and provide their email address to access the document. A copy of the signed document will later be sent to this email.
  6. Once all signatures are collected, a Certificate of Completion will be generated, noting the authentication method as In Person. This certificate will be accessible to the host.
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