How can I add hints to text fields when sending a signature request?

When sending a signature request, you have the option to include hints that guide signers on what to enter into particular text fields.

Follow these steps to add hints to your text fields:

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  1. If needed, learn how to send signature requests in this article here.
  2. Once you reach the Add Fields section of your request, you will need to perform these actions to edit your document:
    • Look for various options for fields on the left-hand editor.
    • Select Text, and drop it anywhere on your document.

      Tip: You can also add other fields such as a signature, initials, date, and checkbox, and modify their format and style.

      Note: Fields are always assigned to a specific individual. Make sure to thoroughly review the recipient of the fields in your document using the right-hand editor, and make any necessary adjustments.

  3. As you add fields to your document, pay attention to the style editor which will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. With this editor, you can explore available actions:
    • Prefill Text: Incorporate prefill text for your recipient's convenience. They will then have the choice to either use the text you've pre-filled or input their own text (optional).
    • Field Hint: Type in a hint for your recipient to find.
    • Select the font, color, and size of your preference for your text field (optional).
  4. Click on Next. You have now added your hint!
  5. Continue with your signature request as prompted.
    Note: The moment your recipient enters their text into your displayed text field on the document, your hint will vanish.
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