How can I set the signing order of my recipients in my signature request?

When dispatching a signature request to multiple recipients, you have the option to establish a designated signing order, ensuring a seamless and well-organized progression of the signature process.

Follow these steps to set the signing order in a signature request:

  1. Log in to your Sign.Plus account, and go to the Sign section on your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the grey box, “Click here to upload,” or drag and drop the files you would like to upload for signature. Make sure to place your files in your preferred order. The file on top will be the first page of your document.
  3. Click on Request Signature.
  4. Once you reach the Add Recipients section of your request, you can choose the order in which the multiple signers will receive the document.

    In the example below, Signing Step 1 indicates that both Will and Sarah receive the document for signing. However, as Signing Step 2 shows, Clara's signature can only be added after both Will and Sarah have finished their signing procedures.


  5. Click on Next. If needed, learn how prepare your document for the next steps in this article here.
  6. Once your document is ready, click on Send. Your recipients will now receive your request via email, or push notification, and you will be notified about their actions. You can track the progress of your signature requests in the Documents section on your Dashboard. Simply find the Status column, and click on the status to see progress details.

    Note: Your signers will receive a notification to sign your document only when their specific step is reached; otherwise, they will not be notified of the ongoing process.

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