How can I self-sign a document?

You can use the Sign Myself feature to self-sign your documents using either the web app, or the Sign.Plus mobile applications available for iOS or Android platforms.

Follow these steps to self-sign your document:

Web App iOS and Android
  1. Log in to your Sign.Plus account, and go to the Sign section on your Dashboard.
  2. Click on the grey box, “Click here to upload,”or drag and drop the files you would like to upload for signature. Make sure to place your files in your preferred order. The file on top will be the first page of your document.
  3. Click on Sign Myself.
  4. Choose the fields you wish to incorporate into your document. You have the option to include a signature, initials, the date of the signature, a checkbox, and text annotations.

  5. Once your document is ready, you can click on Sign and you will be redirected to the tab for Completed in the Documents section on your Dashboard.
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