How can I see the progress of a signature request?

For every signature request, you can track the progress of each recipient, including whether the request has been sent, whether they have opened and viewed the document, and whether they have signed it.

Follow these steps to see the progress of a signature request:

  1. Log in to your Sign.Plus account, and go to the Documents section on your Dashboard.
  2. To review your signature requests that are still in progress, find the Pending section in Documents.
  3. Find the document that you would like to track, and click on the status next to it to see progress details. Here, you will see the name and status of each invited signer. To see your recipient's email address, simply hover your mouse over their name.
  4. You can choose to Close the progress bar, or review the audit trail as well by clicking Show Audit Trail.



Tip: If your recipients are not required to sign a document but instead are asked to fill in a text field, check a checkbox, or add their initials, the status will still be displayed as Signed. This will indicate that they have successfully completed their designated step.

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