How can I send a custom message with my signature request?

When sending out a signature request, you can send a custom message to your recipients. This message is a personalized note or communication that is intended to provide context, instructions, or any additional information related to the document you're requesting a signature for.

Follow these steps to send a custom message with your signature request:

  1. If needed, learn how to send signature requests in this article here.
  2. Once you reach the Review section of your request, you will need to write the subject line of your email and also an optional message to be sent with your request.
  3. Review all the other settings, and click on Send.

  4. Your recipients will now receive your request via email, or push notification, and you will be notified about their actions.
  5. You can track the progress of your signature requests in the Documents section on your Dashboard. Simply find the Status column, and click on the status to see progress details.
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