How can I set reminders for my recipients when sending out signature requests?

When sending signature requests, you can set reminders for your recipients or any other remaining signers who have not yet signed until your document's expiration date.

Follow these steps to set reminders for your recipients:

  1. If needed, learn how to send signature requests in this article here.
  2. After editing your document in the Add Fields section, you will reach the Review section. Here, you will need to write the subject line of your email and also an optional message.
  3. While in Review, make sure to find Send Reminders. Click on the dropdown, and select the frequency at which you would like to send out email reminders to your signers.
  4. Click on Send. Your recipients will now receive your request via email, or push notification, and you will be notified about their actions.
  5. You can track the progress of your signature requests in the Documents section on your Dashboard. Simply find the Status column, and click on the status to see progress details.
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