How can I send a fax for free?

Our Free plan offers you the ability to send up to 10 fax pages at no cost. However, this plan is limited to sending faxes only; receiving faxes is not included. Should you need to send more pages, you have the option to buy additional pages or consider upgrading to one of our paid plans for more extensive faxing capabilities.

It is worth noting that most fax pages take less than sixty (60) seconds to transmit. However, for each inbound or outbound transmission, the number of pages charged is calculated based on the greater between the actual number of pages sent or received and the number of full and partial 60-second increments of transmission or connection time, whether or not the transmission occurs or is completed (such as instances when someone answers the call or transmission is interrupted before completion). For example, a one-page fax with a transmission duration of thirty (30) seconds is recognized as one page and a one-page fax with a transmission duration of one minute and six seconds is recognized as two pages. Also, faxes sent to certain destinations may count as multiple pages. You can check the fees for fax transmissions to all destinations here

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