How can I verify the successful transmission of my sent fax?

Sending faxes digitally has never been easier, and knowing whether your fax has been successfully transmitted is crucial.

Check your email notification

Upon sending a fax using our service, you will receive an email notification detailing the status of your fax transmission. This is the most straightforward way to confirm whether your fax has been sent successfully.

Note: If you haven't received an email, please ensure that email notifications are enabled in your account settings. If they are not enabled, you can turn them on to receive future notifications directly to your inbox.

Viewing fax status in your Sent folder

If you prefer not to use email notifications or wish to double-check the status:

  1. Navigate to the Faxes section of your account.
  2. Open the Sent folder to view a list of all faxes you've sent.
  3. Locate the fax in question and review its status.

Note: If the status displays "Success," this indicates that your fax was transmitted successfully and the recipient's fax machine has confirmed receipt of your document.

Understanding the Confirmation Report

For additional details on your sent fax:

  1. Go to your Sent folder.
  2. Click on the More (⋮) next to the successful fax entry in your Sent folder.
  3. Open the confirmation report by clicking on Fax Confirmation Report.

This report includes:

  • The transmission date and time.
  • The number of pages sent.
  • A thumbnail of the first page of the fax for quick reference.
  • A QR code for verifying the authenticity of the report.

Note: The confirmation report serves as an official record of your fax transmission. You can print this report for your records or save it for future reference. This document can be particularly useful for business communications, legal matters, or any situation where proof of transmission is required.

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