Why is the status of my outbound fax “scheduled for sending”, and what does it mean?

When you notice your fax is marked as "scheduled for sending," it's important to understand what this means and how it impacts your fax transmission. This status can appear under two circumstances: either you've scheduled a fax to be sent later, or the transmission process is in progress but taking longer than expected.

Outbox Status

Seeing your fax in the Outbox marked as "scheduled for sending" is a typical part of the faxing process. This status indicates that your fax is queued and ready for transmission. It does not signify an error but rather shows that the document is in line to be sent. The fax will remain in this status until the transmission to the receiving fax machine begins.

Transmission Time

Note: Typically, for documents primarily composed of text, the average delivery time is approximately 1 minute per page.

However, several factors can influence this:

  • BAUD Rate Impact: The BAUD rate, a measure of the speed at which information is transferred in a communication channel, varies between fax machines. The transmission will adjust to the speed of the slower machine, whether it's the sending or receiving end. This synchronization ensures compatibility but may extend the time needed to send a fax.
  • Content Type: The nature of your fax's content significantly affects transmission time. Documents with lots of text usually send quicker compared to those filled with graphics or images, like scanned pages. To reduce sending time, especially for content-rich documents, use the “Optimize Document For Text” feature. 

Multiple Fax Numbers

If your Fax.Plus account has multiple fax numbers, you have the advantage of distributing the sending workload. This capability is particularly useful for high-volume faxing environments. By assigning different documents to different fax numbers, you can facilitate multiple outbox fax transmissions concurrently. This strategy helps not only manage your fax traffic more effectively but also speed up the overall process.
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