Why did I receive an international transaction fee?

If you notice an international charge on your bank account, it's essential to understand that this fee is not levied by Alohi. Our business operations are based in Switzerland, and some card providers may impose charges and fees for making payments to foreign entities.

What can I do to avoid the international fees?

Here are a couple of options to avoid these extra fees:

  1. Consult your card issuer: Speak with your credit/debit card provider or bank to understand the fee structure for international transactions. They can provide detailed information on why the fee was charged.
  2. Use a different card: Consider using a credit or debit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees. Many financial institutions offer cards with this benefit to avoid incurring extra charges for international payments. 
  3. Use an alternative payment method: These options include PayPal, Apple Store, payment by invoice, ACH payments, and more.

Tip: While we do not charge extra fees, your card issuer may levy fees for transactions with businesses based outside your home country. To avoid these fees, it is advisable to consult with your bank or use a credit/debit card that waives foreign transaction charges.

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