How can I acquire additional free fax pages for sending faxes?

Upon signing up for Fax.Plus, you'll receive 10 complimentary pages. However, there are two methods to acquire additional free pages for sending faxes:

Share your invitation link

Share your invitation link with friends and earn up to $4.00 in credit for each friend who joins Fax.Plus. Each time a new user signs up using your invite code, you'll receive $1.00. When they make their initial payment, you'll get an extra $3.00, and they'll receive $2.00 in free credits as well. You can find your invitation link from your Fax.Plus account. Simply go to the Profile section on your Dashboard and find the tab for Plan & Billing.

Join our Affiliate Program

Join the Fax.Plus affiliate program and start earning actual cash, not just from your leads' initial payments, but also from their ongoing payments. Our partner program offers exceptionally high commissions, and becoming a member is completely free.

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