Billing with Fax.Plus – FAQs

We have curated a collection of frequently asked questions to provide you with clarity and assurance regarding our billing when sending faxes.

Can I get charged for failed faxes?

For every outbound transmission, the page count is determined by considering the larger value between the actual number of pages sent and the count of complete or partially used 60-second intervals during transmission or connection time.

This calculation remains applicable even if the transmission is not finished or doesn't take place as intended; for example, if the call is answered or the transmission is halted before completion. However, it's important to note that if there's no answer during the call, no charges for pages will be incurred.

Why do I occasionally get charged for more than one page when sending a single-page fax? 

Most fax pages take less than 60 seconds to transmit. However, for each outbound transmission, the number of pages sent is calculated based on the greater of the actual number of pages or the number of full and partial 60-second increments of transmission or connection time, whether or not the transmission occurs or is completed (such as instances when someone answers the call or transmission is interrupted before completion).

For example, a one page fax with a transmission duration of 30 seconds is recognized as one page and a one page fax with a transmission duration of one minute and six seconds is recognized as two pages.

Also, the rates (number of pages calculated) varies depending on your destination. For additional information about rates for various destinations, refer to our page here.

If I exhaust all my free pages for the month, do I need to wait until the end of the month to send or receive more faxes? 

No, you can simply purchase additional credits to send or receive faxes right away.

Will my unused free pages from one month carry over to the next? 

No, unused inbound or outbound service credits remain valid for the month in which they are issued and expire at the end of each corresponding one-month period.

What happens if I consume all of my monthly credit to send or receive faxes? 

If all monthly credit is consumed, additional credits need to be purchased to send or receive more faxes.

Is the additional credit I purchase transferable to the following month? Or does it expire at the end of each one-month period?

Purchased extra credit does not expire at the end of the month; rather, it will stay available throughout the entirety of your Fax.Plus account's duration.

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