Which integrations and apps will remain functional once advanced security controls are enabled?

When advanced security controls are enabled, certain integrations and applications may have modified functionalities to ensure data protection and compliance.

Here's a breakdown of how these services adapt:

1. Email and Slack Notifications

Notifications to your email or Slack will persist, maintaining high-security standards by excluding faxed files as attachments. Notifications will inform you of activities without compromising sensitive information.

2. API Services

API remains functional for seamless faxing capability integration into your existing systems, ensuring automation and streamlined processes without sacrificing security.

3. Third-Party Integrations

Some third-party integrations, like Zapier, will be deactivated to safeguard against unauthorized data access. We offer our API integrations to maintain service continuity.

4. Mobile and Web Applications

Mobile and web applications will continue to provide secure faxing capabilities, allowing users to send, receive, and manage faxes with ensured data encryption.

5. User Management and Number assignment

Account administrators can manage users effectively and assign them specific fax numbers, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to faxes intended for them. This targeted assignment aids in maintaining both security and compliance.

6. Document Management and Storage

encrypted storage and stringent access controls. Authorized users can efficiently organize, store, and retrieve faxes, aligning with high-security standards.

7. Compliance Features

Compliance-centric features remain active, supporting adherence to regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. Users can engage in agreements such as Business Associate Agreements (BAAs).

Note:  Activating advanced security controls is crucial for protecting sensitive information while ensuring compliance with HIPAA regulations. Some functionalities of integrations and applications are adjusted, and other services remain fully operational, providing a secure and functional business environment. This balance enables your operations to continue smoothly, prioritizing data protection alongside uninterrupted productivity.

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