How can I track fax consumption within my team?

Who can use this feature?

Available on Enterprise plan.

Accessible to Owners and Admins on Web App.

Analytics Dashboard allows account Owners and Admins to review and monitor fax consumption for any selected member across various preferred billing cycles.

On your Dashboard, you can access and view:

  • A cumulative report displaying monthly fax consumption.
  • An in-depth user consumption report showcasing the quantity of faxes sent and received by each member within your corporate account, during various billing cycles of your selection.

Tip: You also have the flexibility to select your preferred method of viewing these reports: cumulative, graph, or table view. Furthermore, you can easily download your reports in SVG, PNG, or CSV format.

To download a report, simply click on the Hamburger (☰) button on the top right side of your report chart, and select your preferred format.

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