How can I fax a Word document?

To send a Word document via fax directly from the Microsoft Word application, you'll need to install the free Fax.Plus add-in for Word. This add-in is compatible with Word 2013, Word 2016, and Word 2019 for Windows, as well as Word 2016 for Mac and Word Online.

Follow these instructions to fax your Word document:

  1. Download and install the Word add-in from Microsoft Store.
  2. Open the Word document you wish to fax or write a new one from scratch.
  3. Go to the tab for Insert, and click on My Add-ins to open the list of available add-ins.
  4. Double click on the Fax.Plus add-in to run the wizard. If you don't see Fax.Plus in the list of installed Office Add-ins, click on Store and search for "Fax.Plus." Next, install the add-in.

  5. On the sidebar popup, sign in to your Fax.Plus account.
  6. Once you sign in successfully, enter your recipient's fax number.
  7. Optional: Add a cover page, set a scheduled fax transmission, specify the number of automatic retries, and enable Fax to human operated telefax option if the recipient's fax machine is not in Automatic Reception mode.

    Note: Fax to Human-Operated Telefax is available to all registered users on Fax.Plus. To eliminate the dialogue provided by Fax.Plus, please upgrade to a paid plan subscription by visiting the Fax.Plus pricing page here.

  8. Click on Send.
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