Is it possible to send my fax in color? Why are my faxes being transmitted in black and white?

Yes, in most cases. You can send high-quality color faxes if you're transmitting between two color fax machines manufactured by the same company.

Is it possible to send a color fax to another Fax.Plus user?

Absolutely, you have the option to do so. When you're a Fax.Plus user and you send a fax to another Fax.Plus user, your fax will be transmitted in full color at the highest achievable quality.

Is it possible to send a color fax to fax numbers that are not using Fax.Plus?

Unfortunately, it's not feasible to do so. The reason behind this limitation is the existence of the ITU-T30e standard (officially known as ITU-T Recommendation T.30) for color faxing. Regrettably, this standard isn't widely embraced, resulting in many color fax machines only being able to send color faxes to machines produced by the same manufacturer. Consequently, the majority of fax machines continue to transmit documents exclusively in black and white.

Is it possible to send PHI documents in color?

Certainly, you have that option. If you're aiming to transmit sensitive data and the document colors hold significance, you can leverage Fax.Plus' HIPAA compliant solution. For sending color-rich, high-resolution PHI documents, ensure that the recipient is also utilizing Fax.Plus as their online faxing service.

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