How can I send a fax without a land line?

To send a fax without a traditional phone line, whether from your computer or smartphone, you can opt for a cloud-based faxing solution. Upon subscribing to Fax.Plus and accessing your dashboard, you'll have the convenience of sending and receiving faxes directly from your laptop or computer, eliminating the requirement for a landline phone number.


Follow these steps to learn how to send fax without a phone line (landline phone number):

  1. Register to Fax.Plus for free.
  2. Complete your account activation process by verifying your phone number.

  3. Go to the Faxes section on your Dashboard.
  4. Use to To field to specify your recipient(s), and click on Add File or Add Page to attach your documents to fax.
  5. Click on Send.

Note: Having a phone line is not required to send a fax through Fax.Plus. Signing up is entirely free with no credit card needed, and upon starting to use Fax.Plus services for the first time, you'll receive 10 complimentary pages for sending.

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