What is the maximum page limit for each fax submission when uploading?

The page limits for fax transmissions are as follows:

  • Enterprise plan: Users can send files with a maximum of 250 pages.
  • Business plan: Users can send up to 200 pages.
  • Premium plan: Users can send files with a maximum of 90 pages.
  • Basic plan: Users can send files up to 60 pages.
  • Free plan: Users are limited to 30 pages per fax.

Note: The total pages across all your files cannot exceed these specified limits.

Tip: Considering that the success of your fax transmission greatly depends on communication lines, we advise you to consider breaking down your documents into smaller sections, ideally containing 5 to a maximum of 10 pages per file. By faxing each file separately, you enhance the likelihood of successful transmission.

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