How can I add PayPal as a payment method to my account?

To make a payment via PayPal, begin by adding your PayPal account to your list of payment methods. Afterward, select it from the available payment options when upgrading your plan or adding credit to your account.

Follow these steps to add PayPal as a payment method to your account:

Web App Android
  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go to the Profile section on your Dashboard.
  2. Under the tab for Plan & Billing, find My Credit. Click on Edit.
  3. Add a payment method if needed by clicking on Add Payment Method.
  4. Once the popup is revealed, find the tab for PayPal, and click on PayPal to be directed to PayPal's website portal.
  5. Enter your PayPal account information as prompted. Once this is done, PayPal will now be added to your Fax.Plus account as a new payment method.
  6. From now on, whenever you need to add credit or upgrade your plan, opting for PayPal as your payment method will be available.

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