What is the cost of sending a fax?

The expense associated with sending a fax is determined by factors such as the destination you're sending it to, your existing plan, and the duration of the transmission.

  • Destination: Sending faxes to specific locations might be calculated as multiple pages, necessitating a review of our Rates page prior to transmission.
    • For example, although each page sent to the majority of destinations within the United States is considered as 1 page (with a 1x multiplier), certain other countries might apply a count of 2 pages (with a 2x multiplier).
  • Your Plan: The charge for sending an additional single page varies based on your subscription plan: $0.2 for Free plans, $0.1 for Basic plans, $0.07 for Premium plans, $0.05 for Business plans, and $0.03 for Enterprise plans.
    • For example, let's say you're on the Basic plan and have already used up the 200 included monthly pages. If you're sending a 5-page fax to a destination with a 2x multiplier, the cost would amount to $1.
  • Duration: For sending a single-page fax, if the transmission surpasses 60 seconds, an additional page is calculated for every subsequent 60 seconds.
    • For example, if it takes 180 seconds to transmit a one-page fax to a destination with a 1x multiplier, you will be billed for 3 pages.

Note: Upon your initial sign-up with Fax.Plus, you will receive a credit of 10 free pages. These pages can be used to send documents up to 10 pages in total, with a 1x multiplier applied to the destinations. For a comprehensive understanding of our available plans and pricing, kindly visit our pricing page, here.

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