How can I port my Google Voice number to Fax.Plus?

To transfer your Google Voice number to Fax.Plus, begin by unlocking your number and then initiate the porting process through a request.

  1. Unlock your Google Voice number by following these steps:
    1. Navigate to the Google Voice unlock.
    2. Choose the Google Voice number that you intend to transfer to Fax.Plus.
    3. Click on Unlock My Number, followed by Continue.

      Note: Beginning the unlocking process for your Google Voice number requires a $3 payment to Google.

  2. Once your number is unlocked, please fill out our Porting Request Form.
    1. Upon receiving your porting request form, we will verify the portability of your number within our system. If your number is eligible, we will then proceed to request additional information from you and ask you to upgrade your Fax.Plus account to a paid plan (Premium, Business, or Enterprise).

    2. Among the necessary documents, we will require the most recent invoice for your Google Voice number. This invoice serves to authenticate your ownership of the number. You can provide the invoice in the form of a screenshot. Below is an example of an acceptable copy of your Google Voice invoice:


Note: After porting your Google Voice number to Fax.Plus, it will exclusively serve as an inbound and outbound fax number.

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