What is the process for number porting with Fax.Plus?

If you intend to retain your current fax number (obtained from another provider) and transfer it to a Fax.Plus account, this streamlined procedure ensures a smooth transition of your fax number to your Fax.Plus account.

Follow these steps to port your existing fax number:

  1. Confirm that your existing number is in active use and your current provider supports number porting.
  2. Submit your porting request by completing the Porting Request Form here.
  3. Our team will promptly evaluate the portability of your number and respond within one business day.
  4. If your number is eligible for porting, you may be required to upgrade your plan based on the destination country. For instance, to port a US number, upgrading to the Premium plan or higher (Business, or Enterprise) may be necessary. During this time, a temporary number will be allocated to your account.
  5. Once the plan upgrade is finalized, you will be requested to provide a Letter of Authorization (LOA) along with the most recent copy of your invoice from your current provider. This documentation serves as evidence of number ownership. If needed, learn how to fill out the LOA form in our article here.
  6. Following the completion of the porting process, your previously owned fax number will be assigned to your Fax.Plus account, replacing the temporary number.
  7. If you wish to maintain both the temporarily assigned number and the ported number within a single account, a simple solution is available. By upgrading to the Business or Enterprise plan, you can effectively keep both numbers intact.

Tip: Having more than one fax number is exclusively available to users on the Business and Enterprise plans. To access this feature, please upgrade your plan by visiting the Fax.Plus pricing page here.

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