How can I fill out the porting Letter of Authorization (LOA)?

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) requires the signature of the authorized user and/or number owner. It's essential to ensure that the details on this document match the authorized username and service address provided by your current carrier.

Kindly complete the LOA form, available to download below, by using the 2-step instructions provided:

  1. You can download the LOA template for U.S. numbers in both PDF and DOC formats.
  2. Provide your details:
    1. Customer Name
      • Ensure that your first and last name match exactly with the name listed on your telephone bill and the name registered with your current carrier.
      • Business Name: If the service is registered under your company's name, please ensure to provide the relevant information in this field.
    2. Service Address
      • Your provided address should precisely match the one referenced on your telephone bill. Additionally, the address must correspond to a physical location and cannot be a PO Box.
    3. Telephone Number(s): Existing phone numbers and service providers

      • Provide a comprehensive list of telephone number(s) for which you grant authorization to transfer from your existing service provider to the Company or its designated agent.

      • After completing the form, remember to sign it, print your full name, and include the date.

Tip: After completing the form, ensure to include your signature, print your full name, and provide the date.

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