How does the Zapier integration work?

Who can use this feature?

Available on Enterprise plan.

All members.

Zapier acts as the bridge connecting Fax.Plus with various other applications. By connecting Fax.Plus through Zapier's platform, you can create automated workflows, also known as "Zaps," without the need for coding or complex integrations. Every Zap has a Trigger App that kicks off the automation, and causes an Action to happen in another app.

Leverage Triggers and Actions to automate processes involving faxing.

  • Triggers initiate an action when a specific event occurs, such as receiving a new fax. With Fax.Plus, you can set a Trigger Event for "New Fax Received."
  • Actions are the subsequent tasks that are executed, such as sending a notification or creating a new entry in another application. With Fax.Plus, you can set the Action Event for "Send a Fax."

How to integrate Fax.Plus with Zapier?

To create a Zap and take advantage of the Fax.Plus integration with Zapier, you will first need to upgrade your Fax.Plus account to the Enterprise plan, which provides access to Zapier integration, and also sign up for a free account on Zapier.

Once you upgrade to the Fax.Plus Enterprise plan, have your Zapier account ready. Next, follow these steps to set up your Zaps:

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and click on the Create a Zap button to create an automated workflow.
  2. Select Fax.Plus as the trigger app and choose the relevant trigger event, such as a new received fax. You may be redirected to the Fax.Plus website to authorize the access.
  3. Proceed to configure the Zap by selecting the action app and specifying the action to be performed, such as sending a notification to a messaging platform or updating a spreadsheet.
  4. Test the Zap to ensure it functions as expected. Zapier provides a testing feature that helps you verify the automation's functionality.
  5. Once you're satisfied with the setup, activate your Zap to start automating your faxing tasks.

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