Why is my Alohi account blocked?

We prioritize maintaining a secure and efficient service for all users of Fax.Plus and Sign.Plus. Here are three primary reasons why your account might be blocked and what you can do about it:

Account Blocked Due to a Payment Dispute

In cases where there's a dispute related to your account, we temporarily block it. This measure is taken to prevent potential misuse of your Fax.Plus or Sign.Plus account during the dispute resolution process.

Note: If the dispute was made in error, you can resolve it by contacting your credit card company (using the number on the back of your card) or by accessing your Paypal Resolution Center and then informing us to unblock your account.

Identified as a Spammer Due to Low Fax Submission Success Rate

Our system automatically identifies users as spammers when they consistently have a low fax submission success rate. This triggers an automatic block on their Fax.Plus account to protect our service's integrity.

Note: If you believe your account has been erroneously blocked, please contact us at support@alohi.com. Provide a detailed explanation for the low fax submission success rate. Our audit team will conduct a thorough review of your case to determine the appropriate action.

Attempt to Send Fax to Suspicious Destinations

Our system may block accounts that attempt to send faxes to suspicious destinations.

Note: If you are on the Free plan and believe your account was blocked while attempting to send a fax to a suspicious destination please reach out to support@alohi.com so we can review your case.

Suspicious, Malicious or Harmful Activity Initiated from Your Account

Activities such as abusing the phone verification process or attempting to use harmful scripts against our service can lead to your account being blocked.

Note: This measure is crucial to protect the integrity of our service and other users. If you believe your account was blocked due to a misunderstanding or error, please reach out to support@alohi.com with details of your situation. Our team will conduct an in-depth investigation to assess and resolve the issue.

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