Understanding Scan.Plus and Fax.Plus integration.

With the seamless integration of Scan.Plus and Fax.Plus, we aim to significantly enhance your document management efficiency. This synergy is designed to streamline your workflow with features like intuitive automatic redirects and comprehensive multi-page scanning capabilities.

Automatic redirection from Scan.Plus to Fax.Plus

Note:  Automatic redirection to Fax.Plus occurs when you initiate the scan from within the Fax.Plus app. This seamless transition allows you to directly attach scanned documents to your fax queue.

Follow these steps to automatically redirect between applications:

  1. Launch Fax.Plus iOS or Android app.
  2. Follow the prompts to send a fax.
  3. Click on Add File.
  4. Choose Scan.Plus option for scanning new documents.
  5. Complete your scan.
  6. Click on Send Fax, and the document will automatically attach to your fax draft in Fax.Plus.

Note: If you initiate the scanning process from the Scan.Plus app, you can easily send a fax by clicking on Share and then Send Fax.

Scanning multiple pages in one session

You can scan multiple pages within the same session in Scan.Plus, eliminating the need to switch apps between each page.

Follow these steps to scan and fax multiple pages:

  1. Launch Scan.Plus app and select the option to start a new scan.
  2. After scanning the first page, select the option to scan a new page within the same session.
  3. Continue scanning all required pages.
  4. Once all pages are scanned, you can view them by clicking on the images in the lower-left corner and share them collectively to Fax.Plus using the Share option followed by Send Fax.
  5. The document with multiple pages will automatically attach to your fax draft in Fax.Plus.
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