How can I adjust my Scan.Plus settings?

With Scan.Plus, you can manage the outcome of your scanned documents. The app offers automated settings, including the automatic assignment of document names.

For example, if you choose not to rename your scanned files, they will be automatically labeled with the date of the scan and a relevant excerpt from the document's content. You can access Settings to deactivate Smart Name Detection features and explore additional customization options.

Follow these steps to explore and adjust your settings:

  1. Launch the Scan.Plus app.
  2. Go to Settings ⚙️, and adjust the following Document Settings:
    • Default Document Name: These settings apply to your documents once scanned. 

      Tip: Scan.Plus will carry out specific tasks for you. For example, it can name your document if you decide not to do so. If you want to change these automatic behaviors, you can easily adjust your document settings as needed.

      • Prefix Name: Once set, this text will always appear along with your document's name. For example, if you scan a document, and your prefix is set to John Doe, your documents moving forward will be named like this: John Doe Document Title.
      • Smart Name Detection: When this setting is ON, Scan.Plus will automatically name your documents based on the texts found within your document.
      • Include Category Name: When this setting is ON, Scan.Plus will automatically include categories for your scans which you can edit later.
      • Date: When this setting is ON, the date of your scan will be included in the name of your document.
      • Date Format: Adjust the format of dates on your documents.
      • Time: Adjust the format of time on your documents.

        Note: You can review your modifications at Example (iOS) located at the bottom of your screen, or Preview (Android) located at the top of your screen within Default Document Name section. This will give you an idea of how your changes will look like.

    • Document Resolution
      • High
      • Medium
      • Low
      • Very Low
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