How can I scan a document?

Follow these steps to scan your document:

iOS Android
  1. Launch the Scan.Plus app.
  2. Go to the Scan section on your Dashboard.
  3. Your camera will turn on automatically with text displayed "Searching for Document...".

    Tip: You can either wait for your document to be automatically scanned, or tap on the Shutter button to capture a snap. You can control this setting by tapping on Automatic Capture or Manual Capture located on the top right side of your mobile screen.

  4. If you need to edit your pages visually, tap on a page from the displayed order of your pages at the bottom of your mobile screen. You will have the option to edit the following:
    • Crop: Crop the edges of your page(s).
    • Filters: Choose from available filters to change the color settings of your page(s).
    • Erase: Eraser tool highlight parts of your page(s) to remove the areas of your preference.
    • Reorder: Change the order of your pages. Tap on a page, and long press to move it around.
    • Rotate: Rotate your page.
    • Delete: To Delete a specific page at once.  

      Note: In this step, you can only edit your pages one by one.

  5. Once you're finished capturing your scans, click on Done. Your pages will be arranged in the order of your captured scans.
  6. Next, your document is scanned and saved! Now, if needed, tap on More () to find additional actions:
    • Share: Send your document right away to contacts within your personal mobile.
    • Reorder Pages: Control the order of your pages anytime.
    • Add Pages: Option to scan more pages to add to your document.
    • Image to Text: Smart captures the texts within your scanned document and turns them into plain text without the scanned page.
    • Rename: Rename your document for your personal reference.
    • Delete: Your document will be deleted and removed from your scan History.

      Tip: You can go back to this document to perform settings on Step 6 anytime by finding it in the History section on your Dashboard.

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