What types of numbers are available to acquire with Fax.Plus?

To acquire a fax number, you are required to subscribe to a paid plan, which includes plan options like Basic, Premium, Business, or Enterprise.

Here is a list of fax numbers available through Fax.Plus:

Number Type One Time Fee Details

 Random random_icon.svg

Free The number is randomly selected. No additional fees.

 Custom  custom_icon.svg

$19.99 Look for your lucky numbers and select your number beyond a list.

 Golden   golden_icon.svg

$29.99 Choose an easy number beyond your lucky numbers that no one will forget.

As part of your plan, you have the option to obtain a free random fax number, or you can choose to pay a one-time fee for a custom or golden (vanity) fax number.

  • With a custom number, you have the flexibility to search for a specific pattern or even use a number like your office phone number for your fax line.
  • On the other hand, a golden (vanity) number offers you the advantage of having an exceptionally easy-to-remember fax number.

Moreover, you're able to decide whether you want a random area code or a toll-free area code for your fax number.

Note: Your number will remain yours as long as you maintain an active plan. Nevertheless, custom or golden (vanity) numbers will persist in your profile for an extra month in case you decide not to renew your plan.

For additional information about how to subscribe to a paid plan, refer to our article here.

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