How can I choose my Fax.Plus subscription plan?

We have curated a guide to help you choose the ideal Fax.Plus subscription plan that aligns and matches your needs and preferences.

I am exploring Fax.Plus services

You can easily register for the Free account and send up to 10 pages without any charge. There is no requirement to provide your credit card details. Moreover, both Fax.Plus web and mobile apps remain ad-free.

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I have minimal faxing needs
Option 1: You can opt for the Free plan and then add credits for additional pages.

Option 2: You can choose to subscribe to a monthly plan like Basic or Premium, depending on the volume of pages you intend to send. Once you've completed your faxing needs, if you no longer require faxing services, you can easily cancel your plan without incurring any further charges.

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I need a fax number for my business
If your sole requirement is to have a fax number for receiving faxes, you can opt for either a Basic or Premium account. Evaluate the number of faxes you anticipate receiving per month to determine which option aligns more effectively with your needs.

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I have high volume faxing needs

Based on your business requirements and fax usage, you can select from a range of plans: Basic, Premium, Business, or Enterprise. Before making a choice, determine the volume of faxes you send and receive each month, as well as the countries you frequently send faxes to.

To accurately estimate costs for sending faxes to specific destinations, our pricing tool can be a valuable resource. Simply input the fax number's destination, and you'll receive a breakdown of the cost per page.

If you require multiple fax numbers, our multi-number plans, Business or Enterprise, are the more suitable options to consider.

I need multiple fax numbers & team coordination

If you require having multiple fax numbers, subscribing to one of our corporate subscriptions is necessary. Business and Enterprise plans offer exceptional adaptability, granting you control over both users and numbers. 

Our Enterprise plan provides the following capabilities:

  • Ability to acquire unlimited fax numbers. Choose your preferred country and city for each number.
  • Invite an unlimited amount of members to your Team.
  • Manage both member activities and fax consumption, including allocation of member quotas and the implementation of hierarchical system.

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