Do my recipients need a Sign.Plus account to sign documents?

Once a signature request is dispatched, recipients receive an email inviting them to review and sign your document whether they are registered with Sign.Plus or not.

Tip: No account or registration is required for your recipients to sign documents on Sign.Plus.

However, recipients are still required to follow these steps to complete adding their signatures:

  1. Open the email invitation containing the signature request,  and click on Review Document.
  2. Check the box to agree to Use Electronic Records and Signatures, then click on Confirm.
  3. Click on Signature Block, enter Full Name.
  4. Select TypeDraw or Upload.
    • Type: Choose one of the available print signatures.
    • Draw: Use mouse or trackpad to sign as if it's a pen.
    • Upload: Add a scan or photo of signature.
  5. Click on Confirm, and other Signature Blocks if applicable.
  6. Click on Done. Once all parties have signed the document, your recipients will receive a signed copy with read permission via email.

Note: You can access all your previously signed documents at any time by simply creating a Sign.Plus account.

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