What is a signature request?

The Request Signature tool allows you to prepare a document and dispatch it to one or multiple recipients for their signatures. You can oversee the progress, and receive the completed document through Sign.Plus.

You can invite individuals to sign your document by inputting their names and email addresses during the Add Recipients step within the Sign section on your Dashboard, which comes after you've uploaded your document and selected the Request Signature option. You can also designate yourself as a signer or send a copy of the document to specific recipients. Once the signature request is submitted, everyone involved will be receive notifications via email or push notifications.

The progress of your signature requests can be conveniently tracked in the Documents section on your Dashboard by selecting the status next to your document. Additionally, you can access real-time logs through the audit trail of your request. This trail contains details such as names, IP addresses, email addresses, the devices used, and more.

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