How can I forward my received faxes to multiple email addresses?

Faxes received on a specific number are exclusively accessible to a single user within the Fax.Plus panel. Nevertheless, you do have the option to automatically forward received faxes to up to five different email addresses.

Note: On the Business and Enterprise plans you are able to assign one number to multiple users, where they will be able to access the faxes received on that number.

Follow these steps to forward received faxes to multiple emails:

  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go the Profile section on your Dashboard.
  2. Under the tab for General, find the box for Notifications. Click on Edit.
  3. Next to the item for Email, click on Modify. Once the popup for Email Notifications settings is revealed, make sure the option for Received Fax Notification is set to ON (only notify).
  4. Find the item for Multiple Email Recipients, and click the toggle ON. Add up to 5 email addresses to automatically forward your received faxes to.
  5. Click on Confirm to save your changes.
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