How can I receive faxes in my email?

You have the option to receive your faxes both in your Fax.Plus Inbox and your email. Additionally, you can set up your preferences in a way that prevents faxes from being stored in Fax.Plus, ensuring they are solely transmitted to your email.

The emails directed to you will include the faxed document as an attachment. You have the option to select the format (file type) of this attachment, either as a PDF or TIFF, directly from your Fax.Plus profile. For additional information regarding file types for incoming faxes, refer to our article here.

Follow these steps to have your faxes stored in your email:
Web App iOS & Android
  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go the Profile section on your Dashboard.
  2. Under the tab for General, find the box for Notification.
  3. Click on Edit.
  4. Click on Modify located next to Email.
  5. Email Notifications settings will be displayed. Select the email notifications you wish to receive. You can choose to turn notifications On (only notify) or Off for:
    • Received Fax Notification
    • Sent Fax Notification
  6. Click on Confirm.
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