How can I send a fax to one or several groups in my contacts?

With Fax.Plus, you can establish several groups in your Contacts on your account, and can send a single fax to multiple of these groups at once, further streamlining your communications.

Follow these steps to send a fax to one or multiple groups:

  1. If needed, learn how to create groups from your contacts in this article here.
  2. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go to the Send Faxes section on your Dashboard.
  3. Next to the To field, click on the icon for Add From Contacts. This will give access to your contacts via a popup window.
  4. From the popup display, find the tab for Groups, and select the group(s) you wish to fax to collectively. Click on Confirm.
  5. To continue, attach your files for faxing. Click on Send.
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