Sending Faxes with Fax.Plus – FAQs

We have curated a collection of frequently asked questions to provide you with clarity and assurance regarding your faxing inquiries.

How can I send a fax?
  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account, and go to the Send Fax section on your Dashboard.
  2. Enter your destination number(s), and attach your files by clicking on Add Files, or write the text you wish to fax by clicking on Add Page.
  3. Click on Send.

For additional information about sending faxes on different platforms, refer to this guide here.

Can I use my iPhone, iPad, or Android device to send faxes?
Yes! Download the Fax.Plus application and follow the steps provided. For instructions on sending a fax from your mobile device, refer to this guide here.
Can I send one document to multiple recipients via fax?
Yes! You have the option to fax a single document to as many as 500 different destinations or recipients.
Is it possible to fax documents to numbers that have extensions?

Yes! For additional information about faxing documents to numbers with extensions, refer to this guide here.

How can I receive faxes?

Simply subscribe to a paid plan to acquire a fax number. Upon receiving a fax, you'll receive a notification via email (if configured), and the fax will be accessible in your Inbox when you log into your Fax.Plus account.

Will I still be able to receive faxes if my internet gets disconnected?
You will have the capability to receive faxes anytime, 24/7. Nonetheless, to access your faxes, either in your email or Fax.Plus inbox, an active internet connection will be necessary.
What if the fax machine at the destination I'm sending a fax to is powered off?

An email notification will be sent to you indicating the failure to send, along with the specific reason for the failure.

In the event of a failure, you have the option to enable the retry mode. For additional information on the Retry feature, please refer to this guide here.

Is there a limit to file size when uploading a fax for sending?

You have the option to include up to 10 distinct files for your fax transmission, regardless of the page count in each file. It's important to note that the combined size of all files should not surpass 30 MB.

Which file formats does Fax.Plus support when sending a fax?

Fax.Plus offers support for a range of formats including Word documents (doc, docx), Excel documents (xls, xlsx), as well as txt, PDF, JPG, and TIFF.

Are faxed pages required to be in sizes strictly adhering to Letter or A4?
Yes! Nevertheless, the majority of fax machines send and receive documents in the standard A4 size.

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