How can I create a shortcut on Google Chrome to access Fax.Plus on my desktop?

To swiftly access your Fax.Plus account, you can create a shortcut on your Windows or Mac device using Google Chrome.

Shortcuts are icons or links that provide quick access to a specific webpage or website directly from your browser, allowing you to bypass the process of manually typing in the website's URL each time you need to visit it. By clicking the shortcut, you can instantly open the webpage without navigating through search engines.

Follow these steps to create a Fax.Plus shortcut on Google Chrome:

  1. Login to your Fax.Plus account on your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on Menu by selecting Menu (⋮) on the upper-right corner of the Chrome window.
  3. Click on More Tools, followed by Create Shortcut.
  4. Name your Fax.Plus shortcut, and click on Create.
  5. If you are using Windows, you should see a Fax.Plus icon on your browser. However, if you are using a Mac, the shortcut will be saved in the Chrome Apps folder. Simply drag and drop it.


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