Understanding Team Size

Within a corporate account, Team Size refers to the total count of members that the Account Administrator has extended invitations to, inviting them to become part of the corporate team.

With Fax.Plus, adding new members to a corporate team is completely free of charge, and for Enterprise plans, there are no limitations on the scale or growth of your team.

Can I assign fax numbers to my team members?

With Fax.Plus, you have the convenience of assigning purchased fax numbers to your team members, allowing them to send and receive faxes with ease.

Nevertheless, it's important to keep in mind that if a one-page fax is received on a number designated for multiple users, it will consume an equivalent number of pages from the monthly quota of the corporate plan. You can be confident that Fax.Plus maintains a clear and transparent approach, ensuring the optimal use of your corporate plan's resources.

How can I set up a team?

To create a team, the account Administrator of the Business or Enterprise plan can effortlessly extend invitations to new members. Upon the acceptance of these invitations, the new members seamlessly integrate into the team.

The Admin holds the power to assign fax numbers to members, granting them the seamless ability to send and receive faxes under the team's account. Alternatively, team members can employ the default caller ID set by the Admin when sending faxes.

Team members experience the convenience of accessing Fax.Plus using their personalized credentials. This grants them the ability to log in to the platform from a diverse range of devices and platforms, which include Web, Mobile, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Email.

Is there a limit to my team's size?

The Fax.Plus Enterprise plan offers the advantage of unlimited team member additions. The Admin holds the freedom to invite as many team members as required, fostering a seamless environment for collaboration and communication within your organization.

Under the
Business plan however, it's important to note that the team size is restricted to a maximum of 5 users, and 1 member for Basic and Premium plans. This limitation offers an effective solution tailored for smaller teams or organizations.

For effective team management, the Admin possesses the authority to remove users who either haven't accepted their invitations or are no longer necessary members of the team. This ensures that your team remains adaptable to your evolving needs.

Note: When you set a team member's status to Disable, they will continue to be recognized as a part of your team. For instructions on disabling team members, check out our guide here.

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