Fax.Plus Glossary – Terms and Definitions

Term Definition
Assign Number Allocate a fax number to a specific Fax.Plus user.
Blacklist List of numbers that are regarded as untrustworthy and should be excluded or avoided.
Cloud Based Faxing Cloud fax services deliver faxes over the internet, without on-premises hardware or software to manage. You can access your faxes from a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer wherever you have an internet connection.
Contact Any person or organization whose personal or professional details have been saved.
Cooling-Off Period A 24-hour period that begins after making a purchase, granting Users the option to cancel. However, this Cooling-Off Period becomes void if User has used their credits.
Corporate Administrator A Corporate Administrator can manage team members with a hierarchical structure, assign fax quotas or numbers, and more. The Admin also controls the subscription payment.
Corporate Manager Access given by Corporate Admin, a Corporate Manager can also manage team members. They have access to a User Portal to view team's fax consumptions, and more.
Corporate User A corporate User can send faxes according to the quota that has been assigned to them, and can also receive faxes if a number has been assigned to them.
Cover Page A cover page protects your fax from prying eyes. It can display any information of your preference such as your recipient's name, or total number of pages faxed.

Learn how to add a cover page to your fax.
Extension Dialing Extension Dialing is a feature that allows you to reach an internal phone line (or extension), by dialing a shorter set of digits.

Learn more about extension dialing.
Faxes is a section on your Fax.Plus account Dashboard, where your fax records are kept. Access Faxes now.
Fax Header The fax header provides essential information enabling the recipient to identify the sender, as well as the date and time of the fax transmission.

Learn more about fax headers.
Send a fax on to a further destination.
Notifications SMS or email notification to keep you informed when faxes are received or any other actions are performed.
Optimized Transmission When a fax is sent, documents go through image processing servers and get optimized for fax transmission, resulting in excellent fax quality and reduced fax transmission time.
Quota Total fax pages allowed per user, defined by the Corporate Admin.
Reply Action available in the Faxes section of Fax.Plus account Dashboard. Ability to respond to the received fax with another fax.
Resend Feature available from the user’s Sent tab (Faxes tab). Destination number is kept, content of the fax is kept. You can still add other destination numbers and edit your fax content.
Signature Sign a document via SIGN.PLUS without needing to print or scan it.

Our advanced algorithm effectively detects spam marketing faxes directed at Fax.Plus users, ensuring you won't incur any charges for such unsolicited communications. Additionally, you can blacklist any spam faxes that manage to bypass our detection system.

Learn how to add numbers to a blacklist.

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