Subscribing to Fax.Plus – FAQs

We have curated a collection of frequently asked questions to provide you with clarity and confidence in your subscription choices.

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Can I downgrade my plan?

You can certainly revert your plan if you wish to, and the same flexibility applies if you wish to upgrade. However, please note that it's not possible to shift from a Business or Enterprise account to a Basic or Premium account.

Keep in mind that if you've chosen an annual plan, you can only transition between various annual subscriptions.

Will I lose my fax number if I don't renew my Fax.Plus subscription?
In the event that your paid subscription lapses and your payment method isn't updated within 15 days, your ability to send or receive faxes will be suspended. Once this inactive period concludes, if no action is taken, your fax number will be waived.
What is the difference between subscription extension and extra credit?
Every monthly subscription provides a designated allocation of complimentary pages. Nonetheless, if you intend to send or receive a greater number of pages, you will need to add extra credit.
Can I port my previous fax number to my new Fax.Plus account?
Certainly, any faxes sent to your previous number will be received within your Fax.Plus account once the porting process is done.

Learn more about porting with Fax.Plus.
Why do I need to provide a mobile number during my subscription process?
We ask for your mobile number to ensure the security of our Fax.Plus service and to prevent the creation of spam accounts.

It's important to note that your mobile number will only be used for verification purposes and no other messages will be sent to it. Be assured that we prioritize the confidentiality of your mobile number and will neither share nor sell it to any third parties.
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