Transitioning your workflow from Twilio Programmable Fax to Fax.Plus

Who can use this feature?

Available on Enterprise plan.

All members.

In light of Twilio's decision to discontinue its Twilio Programmable Fax service in December 2021, if you are seeking ongoing fax solutions, Fax.Plus is a compliant and dependable alternative.

We not only provide a smooth fax API experience, but also ensure robust security measures. Moreover, Fax.Plus offers a comprehensive range of advanced features, including:

Data encryption in transit and at rest

Data encryption in transit and at rest to make sure your data is fully protected.

Automatic retry for high success rate

Our system boasts exceptional reliability, employing automatic retries for faxes that might have initially failed when using another provider, significantly enhancing your fax transmission success rate.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

For organizations, we offer the convenience and security of Single Sign-On (SSO), effectively mitigating compliance and security concerns.

Data Residency

Our service ensures Data Residency, aligning with your specific compliance requirements for data storage.

Availability on multiple platforms

Access our platform seamlessly across multiple devices and operating systems.

Extensive integrations

Benefit from streamlined integration with an array of productivity tools such as Google Workspace, Slack, Microsoft Word, Zapier, and more.

Number porting

Experience hassle-free fax number porting, enabling you to smoothly transfer your existing fax numbers without any disruption in service.

Advanced admin panel

Take advantage of our advanced admin panel designed to effectively manage multiple members and associated numbers.

If you're interested in integrating Fax.Plus into your system, we recommend reviewing our API documentation to understand how to set up the integration and send a fax using the Fax.Plus REST API.


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